Why More and More Services Are Turning to Third Party Apps

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As shopping habits constantly change, more and more product makers are looking to third party services to gain new customers and increase customer retention. These services often come in the form of specialized apps which businesses can use as a marketing and customer growth platform.

One of the most popular third-party service apps is Groupon. Originally started as a once-a-day savings website, more and more established businesses realize the powerful platform it provides for them.

The perfect example is the Groupon Coupons page for Hotels.com. Worldwide travel and accommodation is a big market and one with many competitors. It is also a business where consumers want to save money and one which many customers base their entire decision on the price.


The biggest challenge for travel websites around the world  is getting new and existing customers to their site. While a travel agency site may offer customers the best deal, if customers don’t know about the brand or the product, they won’t find out about the deal.

By utilizing third party service apps, services like Hotels.com can extend their reach to millions of potential new customers with the very item the customer wants – a discounted product. Not only this, the discount is being provided on a service they were about to look for.

This is a powerful tool for consumers. However, it is also a tool which has the capability of altering consumer behavior on a global scale with just their presence and availability.

Where a traditional customer would have once searched for ‘Hotels in xx area,’ they are now searching in the reverse order. Instead of finding a hotel with a good package deal, they searched for the package deal and was then lead to the hotel after the fact.

This shift is worth taking notice of if you are running a business or looking to expand your current footprint. Traditional methods of growing your customer base are no longer viable, and smart business managers need to ensure their companies are nimble enough to adapt to new techniques.

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