Top 10 Contact Center Technologies Award for 2017 includes CallMiner’s Eureka Xchange

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Call Centre Helper holds this annual award which recognizes the top global contact center technologies available.  Customer votes determine the winners.  Eureka Xchange was recognized for its co-creation and collaboration advantages.

CallMiner’s online community ( is where one can access Eureka Xchange.  This provides users access to download analytics categories, search queries for auto tagging customer interaction for behaviors, characteristics or events.  The CallMiner Eureka user community is enabled to benefit from a category that can help improve productivity without the complexity, need or cost of developing the category on their own.  The categories can be modified to suit customer needs or used immediately for rapid business insight.

Votes by customers actually using the technology make for one of the most impartial contact center technology awards around.  The votes, which include detailed comments, clearly show what people love about CallMiner.  They mention its great API, superb training videos, and customers’ ability to vote on new ideas.

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One customer who voted for Eureka Xchange likes that the platform is tailored to help meet customer needs, specifically in calls which may need to be monitored and tracked for reporting and tracking purposes. A customer liked that CallMiner is open to suggestions, feedback, and adding more content.

Customer passion for the CallMiner product helped CallMiner secure a spot on the list of top 10 call center technologies for 2017.  CallMiner’s suite of Eureka speech analytics products (including Xchange) was rooted in CallMiner’s philosophy that superb engagement optimization solutions must start with a user friendly platform, highly customizable intuitive design, and promote low TCO user independence.

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