CCTV is commonplace in businesses these days, whether it is an office block in the middle of a city, or a large warehouse on the outskirts of town. However, CCTV alone is not 100% safe against intrusions. Whilst a CCTV system can act as a deterrent, it cannot physically protect your business premises. For this, you’ll need to hire a security guard, or contact a security company to provide a team for you. Here are some situations when hiring a guard in addition to CCTV is truly necessary.

  • The Responsibilities Outweigh CCTV

Most businesses have had CCTV installed, which boosts security of the premises. But there are some reasons when hiring a physical presence is a necessity, as the cameras can’t protect you. A security guard might have many responsibilities when manpower is necessary, as they can be posted at stationary locations to control entrances and check who enters or exits the premises. They can also control crowds in busy areas and this discourage misbehaviour. Guards are also more useful than CCTV alone as they can patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and any other illegal activity.

  • The Level of Protection Your Business Needs Are Greater Than CCTV Alone

Even if you have a CCTV system installed, it is useless against threats unless there is a response. Security guards can respond to alerts shown on CCTV screens and go to the danger area. These guards can be in uniform or plain clothes, based on the premises or in another, central location. A manned security company in Leeds could have specialist staff viewing video cameras that are part of an interactive system, and then dispatch their officers to any location in Yorkshire. This is particularly useful if you do not deem it necessary to pay a guard to be present on site, but you still get the benefits of employing a security guard to visit your premises when necessary.

  • Security Guards Are Professionals at Keeping Your Premises Safe

If you don’t currently have an in-house security guard, then you’ll likely want to contact a local agency to provide your manpower. The advantage of using a security guard service is that the company will have done all the background checks to make sure the guards you are hiring can be trusted to do the job. They will also ensure that appropriate training has been provided so that the staff will know what they’re doing in any given situation. Finally, the security firm will also provide insurance on any proven negligence, which further safeguards your business.

Combining CCTV and Manpower

Installing CCTV systems has certainly made businesses safer. They provide a way to monitor and record activities all around your premises. However, there are certain situations when you may wish to combine your current CCTV system with a manned security presence. Security guards can operate in public spaces and entrances to ensure a greater depth of security than cameras alone. Even if you don’t have security guards based on your premises, you can still have a security guard attached to your CCTV system, ready to respond to any dangers around the clock. Finally, hiring professional security guards offer added protection over even the most intricate CCTV system. They know how to respond to any given situation, because they have received the correct training and are attached to a specialist security agency.

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