Oil Purification With Adsorbers

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Industrial oils operate in hard conditions of high temperatures, pressures, influence of air, wearing of metals, etc. These factors influence accelerated oil aging and loss of performance functions. A way to restore the purity of oil to the required values is oil purification with adsorbents.

Adsorbent is a special substance that absorbs harmful impurities from the processed oil and retains them in its pores. The amount of adsorbent necessary for oil purification is calculated based on the level of aging. The adsorbent adsorbs all impurities, the second pass through adsorbent provides a final cleaning of oil.

For oil purification are used natural and artificial adsorbents. The natural adsorbents are mined in quarries – they are clays and earths with a developed surface. Artificial adsorbents are synthesized chemically on the basis of other substances. The most famous of them is zeolite, which is used in oil purification.


The problem of adsorbent purification is a following reactivation or disposal of used adsorbents. In the process of adsorbing harmful impurities, the adsorbent becomes saturated and stops purifying oil. Some adsorbents are easy to reactivate, the others are more difficult. But in general, this process is laborious and involves removal of adsorbent out of purification equipment.

GlobeCore design department developed a technology of reactivation of Fullers earth sorbent directly in CMM-12R oil regeneration plant. The processing of oil is not interrupted and uses the reserve columns of sorbent. Fullers earth after reactivation is suitable for purifying transformer oil again and again. GlobeCore technology uses the same sorbent after 300 reactivations, which is equivalent to several years of operation of oil purification equipment.

Using sorbents repeatedly saves money and makes a significant contribution to environmental protection by reducing the amount of harmful waste.

For separate reactivation of sorbents, GlobeCore developed a CMM-4 unit. It allows you to restore the properties of spent adsorbent at least 10 times. The oil that is extracted from sorbent can be also reused.

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