If your office is looking a little drab, it might be time to brighten things up, but rather than go the whole hog, there are small things you can do that can really make a big difference. A coat of paint would never go amiss, and with a change of furniture and lighting, the ambience will change for the better. Research tells us that our working environment has an effect on our overall performance, so if you would like to boost productivity, a few carefully chosen additions in the right locations will make all the difference.


Modern office partitioning is interchangeable making it is easy to create your ideal office space and there are many affordable options that provide office fitouts in Melbourne. A modern office fitout company would have their own design team, and they are used to working within the client’s budget. It wouldn’t be expensive to use screening and change the open plan concept a little, and you can easily switch things around now and then.

Furniture Replacement

Office furniture takes a real pounding, which means it should be changed frequently. The quality of seating is very much a reflection of the company itself, and one should always insist on the best quality. Modern office fitout companies would be able to supply any type of office furniture, along with anything else you might require. Some companies would have a large inventory of office furniture and would be happy to change the setting every few months, which keeps things interesting for the staff.

LED Lighting

LED solutions offer a wider range of lighting options, and with a low power input, your running costs will be kept to a minimum. Dimmer switched enable a fine control over lighting, and with multiple spotlights on rails, one can arrange the perfect task lighting for all your workstations.

Indoor Plants

Why not bring in some nature? There are stunning exotic plants and dried grasses that would really complement any area, and whether you go for real of faux plants, the extra colour adds a new dimension to any setting. Corridors and walkways can be transformed, and with a few scented candles in rest areas, your staff will always feel refreshed.

Revamp Storage Facilities

Every office relies on filing cabinets and drawers to keep the many items that might be used on a daily basis. Each workstation would have its own cabinets and cupboards and there is a range of styles and designs that use space effectively and make the working area a brighter place. You could send all the staff a memo and ask if there is anything in the office that they think could be improved. By involving your staff in any changes, you are fostering a sense of ownership, and if the environment is to the employees’ liking, performance should improve.

An office revamp doesn’t have to break the bank, and by discussing your options with a fit out company, you will quickly discover how effective a few changes can be.

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