Data Protection is a “rogue antivirus” program that typically installs itself on your PC and proceeds to then cause your system a lot of problems & issues by posting fake antivirus reports. This virus, known for the way it infects huge numbers of computers, does not clean out viruses and should not be trusted. You should be able to tell if you have this virus by the way it will post a branded application onto your system. This application will look like a legitimate antivirus program, but will actually do a lot more harm than good to your PC.

The Data Protection virus is part of a wider family of infections known as “malware” (malicious software) infections. These are basically viruses which look like legitimate software programs, but do nothing but bad things to your PC. In the case of Data Protection, this virus will post false virus reports on your system, and also try and steal your personal details from your PC. It will typically infect computers from the likes of Trojan Horse viruses, fake email attachments and from fake antivirus scans online, and in order to remove it, you need to act smart because it has several elements which are tricky to remove completely.

The way to remove Data Protection is actually a little more difficult than what many people may first think. The problem is that this virus has a lot more damaging components than just the fake application – it has a range of hidden issues which are quite difficult to get rid of manually. Many people try and get rid of this virus by first deleting the EXE of the program, then the files it needs to run and then the DLL files that it leaves on your system. This actually will likely remove the malicious application, but will leave all the hidden infections that it also uses. You could try this yourself by deleting these folders:

Bußgeld für Verstöße gegen datenschutzrechtliche Vorschriften

If you want to get rid of Data Protection completely from your PC, it’s not recommended that you manually remove it, as there are so many other elements that it has which will try and steal your personal information. It’s recommended that you use an official “anti-malware” program to remove the infection instead. Anti-malware tools have been specifically designed to scan through your PC and then remove the various elements of these rogue programs from your system.

We’ve found that a program called ” XoftSpySE ” is actually the best at removing Data Protection. This tool has been produced by a leading Canadian software company called Pareto Logic, and can be installed on your PC from the Internet (it should be transferred to your PC via USB / CD if Data Protection blocked access to the Internet). After installation, this tool will scan your system and remove all traces of the virus that’s infected it, which will totally clean it out for good.

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