Living In An Icon Of Culture, Art, And History, Amazing Crete Properties

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Design, history, culture, luxury, all combined

No matter the point of view you are having, a professor, a medical doctor, a musician, a surgeon, anyone would find Crete to be the most special place they could live in since it contains a mixture of many other elements that continue making this option the best ever. Having seen it in high school books, or in the TV, from very living historical places to top design elements Crete means a life of joy because of the scenario.

It is in the books… It is in your life…

Some would say “despite the proximity of the villas to the cities of Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Iraklio, Rethymno and Chania, properties in Crete remain as secluded retreat and a paradise for families”, but on the other hand this element would be very positive for some, who see this as a great opportunity to get away from any tumult and commotion that many other places represent. Counting on great weather, unique and privilege location by the sea, and with the most iconic lands of the world, Crete properties will always be very competitive for many others places as if provides elements difficult to find anywhere else.

Live where your heart belongs

Yes, no matter where it is, if it is your heart there then that is home, but, what if this place happens to be from the most beautiful and exclusive there are? That is what Crete represents and what has to be thought and kept in mind at the time of deciding over a purchase of a property in the incomparably beautiful land of Crete. If you feel motivated actually I am like that now, start planning the steps to do in order to be part of all of that!

Highland Beach Luxury Real Estate

Highland Beach Luxury Real Estate
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Seeking an exclusive luxury home or condo on South Florida’s Atlantic Ocean? Highland Beach is a upscale village in Palm Beach County consisting of 1.1 square miles surrounded on one side by the Atlantic ocean and the other by the Intracoastal. The population is only about 3,988 but this number fluctuates in Wintertime as the ‘snowbirds’ flock back to town. See Highland Beach real estate and you’ll want to be the 3989th resident!

Highland Beach offers some of the most exclusive and expensive Real Estate in the country with luxury waterfront condos, townhomes offering dockage and magnificent oceanfront mansions or spectacular estate homes lining the Intracoastal Waterway.

There are many upscale, full-service, condos in Highland Beach, some sitting directly on the sand and some along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway where you can watch a parade of boats & yachts go by each day. Many condos, such as Toscana, Braemar Isle & Coronado have their private oceanfront beach clubs for their residents.

Highland Beach

There are a number of things to do including water sports and sunbathing on the intracoastal, boating in the intracoastal, swimming in the Atlantic ocean, boating in the ocean, surfcasting, fishing in the intracoastal and swimming in the pool. There is a terrific hotel right on the ocean – the Delray Sands Resort. You can enjoy fine dining for lunch or dinner on the ocean front. From seafood to steaks, the restaurant offers a wide variety of international flavors. The Delray Sands bar is a popular place to sip a pina colada or mai tai and meet vacationers from around the country or locals. The library is a popular meeting place as well. There is a beautiful Roman Catholic church – St Lucy.

You will find many multi-million dollar custom built mansions along the beautiful tree-lined stretch of Ocean Blvd. that runs through Highland Beach. Many of the mansions, including those located in Ocean Cove, Grand Cay Estates & Byrd Beach feature Mediterranean Style architecture with magnificent ocean & Intracoastal views.

Highland Beach also has numerous waterfront townhomes with deep water dockage on the canals that line the side streets, just off Ocean Boulevard. Many of the townhome communities such as Boca Cove, Casa Marina & Highland Beach Isles feature boat dockage on the Intracoastal side of A1A and private beach access on the east side.

waterfront townhomes

The unspoiled beaches, fantastic weather, fabulous location and an incredible array of beautiful residences make Highland Beach, Florida a wonderful place to call home for the winter season or all year round. This prestigious, seaside town, located on the southeast coast of Florida, in Palm Beach County.

Situated on a small stretch of land between the majestic Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, Highland Beach is only 1.1 square miles. The town of Highland Beach is exclusively residential except an oceanfront hotel, The Delray Sands. The Delray Sands sits on the beach and offers 115 guest suites, heated pool & spa, a gift shop, fitness center, business center and features outdoor & indoor dining overlooking the ocean.

These 5 Home Improvements Will Lower Your Property Taxes – Local Records Office

Local Records Offices
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LOS ANGELES – As a new homeowner finding anyway to cut expenses is a must. “The first few years of being homeowner most families spend most of their savings and the majority of their incomes goes to home expenses, property fees and of course the mortgage” says, the pros from “Local Records Office” in southern California. Being a first time homeowner has its perks and proud moments but it could also take a toll on your savings account, so finding any kind of way to save some cash is blessing.

New homeowners realize that the mortgage is not the only thing they have to pay every month pretty quick. Homeowners are realizing that if they do a few upgrades and changes they could save money on their taxes, big money.

#1 – Solar Panels

Solar panels is nothing new it’s been around for a few years but more and more homeowners are turning to solar power to save money on the electricity bills and it could be written off on your taxes for tax credit. For instance, the Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit offers a credit for installation of solar panels and other energy technology.

#2 – New Windows, Doors and Wall Installation

As a homeowner you have many benefits this is one of them. The Nonbusiness Energy Property Tax Credit act of 2009, in the United States, provides homeowners a nonrefundable personal tax credit for federal income tax purposes. This tax credit has some requirements so make sure you read the requirements from the IRS. Freddy Conner, a homeowner in Temecula says,

“When I heard of this tax credit I went ahead and upgraded my windows and doors. It not only saves me money it also keeps my home cool in the summer and warm in the winter”

If your money isn’t tied up on your family, you should definitely go for the upgrade.

#3 – Roof Replacement

This one is a bit of a leap, because replacing an entire roof of a house ‘is not cheap’. Replacing a roof is one of the most expensive things next to replacing or repairing the foundation of a house but if its time to replace your roof you will be eligible for The Nonbusiness Energy Property Tax Credit act of 2009 just like installing new windows and doors as long as it reduces heat. The best way to go when it comes to this is to go to a professional tax preparer. The IRS also has its requirements on this one.

#4 – Air Conditioning and Water Heating Systems

Just like replacing your roof, windows and doors this one is under The Nonbusiness Energy Property Tax Credit act of 2009. The IRS gives you a tax break many tax efficiency upgrades. This one of the most complicated upgrades when it comes to claiming it to the IRS, so make sure to hire a professional tax preparer.

#5 – Energy Efficiency Appliances

This one is one of the most popular tax reductions since the majority of the homeowners get new appliances when they first move to their new home. But, unfortunately this one is very limited when it comes to Energy Star appliances but many Energy Star comes with a rebate.

Contact your local utility office for more information on this one. Energy Star suggests looking up what appliances qualify for these rebates before buying. Xavier Barton a new homeowner from Venice, California says;

“I didn’t qualify for the tax credit when I bought my Energy Star refrigerator and stove but I did get a rebate by searching Energy Star Rebate Finder”

BONUS #6 – Water Saving Fixtures

Water saving fixtures saves you money and it also reduces the amount of water you use. States like California that is in severe drought suggest that homeowners use water saving toilets, fixtures, boilers and sprinklers.

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These 4 Things Will Make Your Home Un-Buyable – Local Records Office

local records office
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As a home seller, selling your house is #1 on your to-do list. When it comes to selling a house the appearance plays a big part and knowing how to make the house more appealable goes along way. You could spend a lot of money and time getting ready for sale but if you’re not doing it right all that would be for nothing. You might cut the grass in the front yard and or paint the entire house but sometimes not having any experience in remodeling and renovating a house might set you back a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

“These potential problems might be a set back for your real estate agent and broker”

Says, Shawn Carter from the pros at Local Records Office in southern California. Not knowing what’s in and going for YOU like is probably is not a good idea. Depersonalizing a house should be the first thing a seller should do. Why? Because the seller might have the house kids friendly but the new potential homebuyer might not have any children or all their kids might be all grown up so this will create a dilemma for the sale or home value.

#1 – Loose Pets in the House When Potential Homebuyers Are Viewing the House

Believe it or not this happens often. Residents will leave cats and or dogs loose in the backyard. Since the pets are running around in the backyard the buyers are not able to view the backyard and the exterior of the house, this eventually will cause a problem. Another reason why leaving loose pets is a problem is because some people are allergic to cats and or dogs, so if the buyer is allergic they cant go inside the property and view it like they want to, this could potentially scare off the buyer and cause you a final sale. Fredrick Thomson says;

“Even friendly pets could cause a seller the final sale, some buyers wont even go inside if there’s a loose cat”

Keep in mind to take your pets with you or keep them at a friends or relatives house for the day.

#2 – Take All Flags Down

This might not be a big deal for some people but to others it is. Since the shooting of 9 African American church members in Charleston in 2015 people have been finding the confederate flag offensive. Other Americans might even find other country’s flags offensive too; to avoid this problem the best thing to do is to remove all flags. Carlos Ramirez from Brokers “R” us in northern California said”

“The deal was practically closed until the buyer saw a Nazi flag in the backyard. The buyer got in his car and never answered my calls from there on”

Real estate agents can’t prevent things like this from happening but being educated will come along way. So, if you’re trying to sell your house take down all flags, that simple.

#3 – Locked Rooms That the Potential Buyer Can’t Get Into or See

Buyers want to see the entire house not just parts of it. Having a locked room may hurt your chances of finalizing your sale. As a buyer not knowing what’s behind the door might be red flags. David Johnson from California Real Estate Agents LLC in northern California says,

“Every so often you come across a house that has a bedroom or basement or even an attic that’s locked and realized that the seller will probably turn down the deal because of this”

If you’re serious about selling the house go ahead and clean and organize it, don’t wait until the last minute because by the last minute you’ll probably realize that, that room needs much more attention than you thought.

#4 – Legal and Illegal Drugs

Marijuana is legal in some states but despite relaxed laws drugs shouldn’t be present in the house will buyers are viewing it. Some people see legal drugs or marijuana and illegal and might cause you to loose the sale. Another reason that legal or illegal drugs shouldn’t be out in the open is because the buyers might bring their kids with them and the children might walk off to wander the house and might swallow or take them. Montel Drakford from Drakford Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Santa Ana, California said:

“I was showing a house to a young family and the son ask the dad ‘dad, what is that?’ the seller obviously didn’t even try to straight the place up”

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6 Home Resolutions to Tackle Before the Year is Over

Maid cleaning stove top
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LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – The year is almost over, Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner and most of us are making resolutions to start the year the right way. The pros at “Local Records Office” from southern California created a list of 6 resolutions to complete before the year is over. Every year when the beginning of the year comes around we all make the same resolutions of losing weight, spend less, save more money, drink less, spend more time with the family, finally ask the girl you’ve been flirting with out on a date, etc. But what goals have you set for your house or apartment?

We all like to come home to a nice and clean house but in order to keep it up-to-date and neat you have to make changes. A clean apartment or house doesn’t just happen it takes time and preparation, even if you just have a few things in your home it will still get dirty and dusty.

#1 – Keep it As Clean As Possible

The best thing you could do is to keep your home clean and unclutter, not is it one of the best things to do but it’s also one of the least expensive. It’s a proven fact that keeping your house clean will make you feel clean too.

Each year most of us bring in a mountain of things we don’t end up using or that takes up tons of space. We acquire things that end up in the closet or in the back of the garage collecting dust. Without regular purging, closets end up overflowing and become hard to find things.

When it comes to cleaning not a lot of us look forward to it, vacuuming, washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the tub is something that doesn’t get us excited. So before the year ends I decided to write down when and what I need to clean, that way I know ahead of time and I will get it done once and for all.

#2 – Organize Your Apartment or House With Affordable Storage Bins

Getting organized is not a one-time thing, it’s an ongoing project, but getting started with storage bins and separating your things goes along way. If you’re one of those people that’s been collecting things the entire years break it down room-by-room, that way you wont have to do all at once. If room-by-room is still overwhelming for you start breaking it down and work on it for a few hours on the weekends. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact cleaning and organizing has on your everyday life.

#3 – Don’t Take Your Chances and Keep Yourself and Family Safe

Keeping your family safe should be your first concern. The holidays are when the most crimes are committed. Crooks and thieves know that holiday season is the time when most people buy and receive the most gifts and those gifts are usually flat screen Televisions, computers, stereos, cameras, etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The holidays is also the best time to up-date-your security system or just simply replace the batteries of your smoke detector, or even checking if your fire hydrant isn’t expired.

#4 – Finish A Forgotten Home Project

We all have unfinished project that we started but never finished either because we didn’t have enough time or the right tools. Whether you rent or own unfinished projects are relative. Some projects might be too big to finish but you could start by finishing at least one before the year ends. Once you finish chances are you’ll feel good about what you accomplished and start working on the others. Don’t go all in because you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed, try working on one project per week or month, start small. Write down the unfinished projects you would like to work on, on your calendar so you’ll be reminded every time you see it, don’t be afraid to be specific, write down everything that needs to be done and by when.

#5 – Don’t be Afraid of Upgrading Your Furniture or Electronics

There is nothing wrong with wanting more, upgrading the living room or the bedroom is something we all want once in awhile. Sometimes we see something we like in magazines, television shows or other times things go out of style. Another great reason to upgrade and make your home more appealing is that the year is ending and you’ll have a new start next year. Start by getting yourself a new set of sofas; upgrade that old bulky television with the rabbit ears or go small and upgrade your bed sheets. Some people think upgrading an appliance like the refrigerator or stove comes along way. “Choose one thing and commit to it,” says, the pros at Local Records Office. If income is a problem for you save a few dollars every paycheck until you have a good amount, don’t forget to look online for deals and clearance items.

#6 – Save Money by Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Start the New Year by saving money on your electricity bill. Solar panels are known for saving people tons of money every year. Solar panels are so eco-friendly and they’ll start generating money for you, all while helping the environment. Can’t beat that. Don’t forget to switch your light bulbs for eco-friendly light bulbs that are last much longer and are safer. When homeowners install solar panels they might even be eligible for a tax rebate.

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