Why Making a Checklist before Hiring the Movers is a Great Idea

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Definitely one of the most important office moving tips is to simply make a checklist. Even if your memory is good, you will probably forget something without making one. Moving offices can certainly be a complicated business, so it’s in your best interests to begin with a checklist in which to make your lists.

Lists and Labels

Make one list of things that must be done, such as phoning professional office removalists, to confirm costs and forwarding of any item. On another page, note down all your boxes and their contents. Try labelling every box with a letter or a number and then jot down the contents of every box next to its label and make it all as clear as possible. Just this small step can make unpacking all that easier.

Boxes and More Boxes

When you’re moving office, remember to have plenty of boxes for the job. It’s actually better to ask for more than you think you will need, and then you can always give them back, reuse them or pass them on to somebody else. Professional office removalists in Melbourne will better inform you as to your needs.

Fragile means Fragile

Have lots of packing tape, paper or bubble wrap handy and keep any breakables in one piece. You may find that you will need more tape, paper and wrap than you think necessary, so purchase a little extra.


Most people forget the cleaning end of things when they are moving office. One of the most useful moving tips is to have ready a decent cleaning kit as there’s a chance that you’ll need it to clean the office you are leaving, plus the one you’re moving into. You can use the usual cleaning liquids, sponges, rags, and rubber gloves that you’ve always used in the old office.

Key Storage plus Important Documentation and Drives

The importance of moving tips would not be complete without a mention and about the storage of important keys. Keep all of your keys, the old and the new, on separate key rings. Don’t just put them in envelopes, boxes or pockets, they’re just too easy to lose or misplace. Only take off the keys when you are ready to hand them over to somebody else, or put them in a safe place in the new office.

Documents and Hard Drives

Place all of your important documents and hard drives in a safe, waterproof container, and keep them with you. Ensure all important documents and drives, security cards, leases, insurance, bank records, and phone numbers are kept safely inside. Don’t forget to transport these valuable items in a separate vehicle, because should they somehow happen to go walkabout, it’s going to take a whole load of your time, worry and effort to replace them.

And that’s it, not that difficult is it? Here’s hoping that helps, and may your office move go just as easy as you planned. Good luck!

How One Startup Is Revolutionizing And Simplifying Your Soul Mate Search

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 Have you been struggling in your life to find the woman of your dreams? Maybe you’re a divorcee and are getting back in the dating game only to find that it’s gotten much more difficult to find women you’re compatible with. Maybe you’re on the verge of giving up and resolving to live the rest of your life as a bachelor. The truth is that there are more than 7 billion people in the world and it’s likely that the perfect woman for you is out there somewhere. Don’t give up just yet…

That’s exactly how my thought process went when I came across this new dating site unlike any other – DateaRomanian.co.uk. Dating isn’t easy and many people who have difficulty finding an appropriate partner resort to online dating. With some level of anonymity and the option to disconnect if something goes wrong, online dating can be perfect especially for men who struggle to approach women and start a conversation with them. But it also has its fair share of negative aspects with the risks of chancing upon cat-fishing and gold-digging women.

gold-digging women

This is why I was skeptical about the website at first. There are tons of websites across the web making promises of finding you beautiful women, but not a lot of them tend to deliver on that promise. But I decided to check this one out anyway and found that their approach was completely different from what we’ve heard about online dating websites.

Getting your story out there

You know why a lot of relationships fail? The exact cause may be subjective but many times, it’s because the two individuals involved ended up not liking each other as time went on. In the beginning, they get infatuated by the other person and tend to ignore the little quirks and pet peeves or differences in values and opinions. As they get to know each other better over the days and months, things get worse because they discover they don’t really like the other person anymore.

So how can you avoid this? The idea is to let your potential partner learn as much as they can about you – from your interests and hobbies to your values and opinions. This is exactly why I found this new website’s approach quite revolutionary.

They write a compelling news article revolving around you and the kind of person you’re on a lookout for. This article is then published in a Romanian newspaper, then advertised to women all over the country, through which interested women fitting the criteria will contact you directly on Facebook.

women fitting

The goal of the news article is to inform potential partners about some of the details about you that may take months to communicate otherwise such as your desires and values as well as your expectations. It will tell your story in the most appealing yet truthful way possible, highlighting your positive attributes and describing you as the British gentleman in search of his perfect Romanian girlfriend. You’ll basically be the prize for which scores of beautiful, intelligent and committed Romanian women will be competing against each other.

In addition to this, the site also offers several additional services such as arranging your trip to Romania, arranging your transport and accommodation, and even talking to the women on your behalf. Even if you’re a skeptic, it’s worth checking out because they use an entirely different approach to helping you find the woman of your dreams and they claim “You get a girfriend or your money back”

Source: www.datearomanian.co.uk

Wholesale Fashion Clothes For Women

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Wholesale fashion clothes for women clothing is s business that incurs huge sums of capital with the potential for high return. The product cycle is fast because it changes with the climate and the fashion trend. You may make a kill if all the stock move or you may be stuck with clothes that retailers do not desire.


Getting into the business not only relies on your ability to strategize but also requires acumen in fashion and style in women clothing. Being in contact with the secular trends and the latest arrivals is a must. Successful businesses in this trade are those that can preempt the fashion trends and have the stock that the market yearns for. The clothes value is usually high valued when they are trending in the market. That is when you can make a kill.

When it comes to the wholesale for women clothing, you should focus on the market for the clothes. Retailers will only buy clothes that sell. It is about the design that is loved and the style that is in fashion. Unlike other products, women clothes fashions are temporary. After a few months, new styles will have emerged. You have to select the right style that matches the weather at the time otherwise, your dead stock will be a lot.

The quality of the clothes cannot be ignored. The right quality rather than imitations are what every business that intends to succeed in this area of commerce has to stock. Before you get your stock, make sure you have brands that promise longevity and guaranteed quality levels. Unlike retail shops where customers are many and you may bank on walk in customers, wholesale trade focuses on a small market who knows what they want and will require the best bargain. It is your obligation to ensure that customer loyalty and retention is high.

When stocking for wholesale, ensure that clothes for all are availed. More clothes for women should be considered because women typical shop more. Other accessories should also be stocked. You should consider your section based on age as well. Designs for youths vary from designs for adults. The other criteria for stocking should be use. There are casual clothes, official, beach clothes, and recreational wear.

Understanding the purchasing criteria of the clothes you have cannot be ignored. For example, clothes can be bought because they have a specific design or print that portrays the loyalty of the wearer. Shoppers may consider getting a brand because of what it is associated with. Others may select clothes because of its functional value while some want their clothes to portray who they are.

Visit at Enewwholesale.com now for more information and wholesale products!

How to Build a Winning Visual Brand Bible & Actionable Identity Guideline for Design

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How do you visually distinguish your organization from your competitors’?

How do you create a realistic brand identity that tells a logical and consistent story without saying a word?

Why is corporate branding so important?

There has been a lot of misleading information on corporate branding that is simply not true! So, let’s break it down. I am writing this post to give you clear, detailed and precise information about how to build a winning visual Brand Bible & create an actionable identity guideline for design.

So, What is Brand Identification?

Generally, the brand identity term is defined as how your targeted audience perceives you.

A long-standing suggestion is to have a look at your brand from the customer’s point of view. So, let’s have a closer look at your brand, from a friend’s perspective to your audience’s. Here, I want you to do one thing: consider your audience as an ideal person that you are aiming at, rather than seeing your audience as a nameless and faceless crowd. It will be a lot easier for you to communicate your brand this way.


Doing so will give you a lot positive influence about how they consider you as a brand. On the other hand, that person (audience) will continue to be friends with you, if you both share the same ethics and consistently improve their lives.

A Brand That Surpasses Expectations, Like Starbucks Coffee

By making use of Instagram, the coffee giant discovers and regrams photos of Starbucks supporters. It clearly echoes a message that the brand carefully listens to. This technique takes special consideration of its community – which is the key to success for a brand that stands out.

Now, you might think, that’s awesome, but what does this have to do with visual branding?

What is a Visible Brand Identity?

Let’s follow the friend analogy.

As an example, if I check out your Instagram page and see that you have fun-filled, behind-the-scenes photos of your organization, it may tell me that employee happiness is important to you. If the images are paired with motivational quotes, then you may value motivation.

So, make sure to give your audience plenty of visual clues to suggest abstract ideas.

For example, are you acerbic, playful, fancy, authoritative or something else? Nothing answers that question quicker than an image.

Brand Identity

So, this is the reason why visual branding is so important. It doesn’t matter whether you are knowingly influencing it or not, your potential audience is making assumptions about you in this way. You need to be very careful with visual representation because, if it does not match your values, then it will confuse, disappoint and alienate your audience.

So, brand identity is more than just photos. It’s the total of everything that your audience can see, when they look at you. All the visual elements, together, tell a story that can reaffirm your values.

An Actionable Corporate Guideline for Design

Let’s get started!

1 – Clearly Explain Your Brand

Create a clear and concise document, outlining what you stand for, containing the following:

  • Values – Make a list of the values you want to set
  • Voice – Here, I am talking about the tone that would be approachable and can be easily accepted by your client
  • Uses – Where and how your audience will make use of your product
  • Mission – With this mission statement, give your audience a formal summary of your aim and the values of your organization


Brand explanation Our brand is simple, sharp and reliable
Values Our foremost focus is simplicity
Voice Friendly, confident, honest, unconventional
Mission statement Make the web even simpler
  • Make Use of Particular Colors

Specific color is used to create consistency. Your color is the tone and voice of your brand, so choose it wisely.

  • Add Brand Elements

You can make use of your specific elements for your identity, including brand signature, image style, trademarks and much more. Naturally, you should be sure that you make use of all these elements in all communications, including your website.

  • Set Typography

This is a special consideration; try to narrow your font choices down to two, but not less than three. Too many fonts will break the uniformity of your visual identity. Also ensure that the logo is an exception with this.

  • Explain Your Styles

This is where you can show a different style of identity. For example, are your buttons shiny, flat, graduated or rounded? Do they show that you are minimalist, abstract, abrasive or aggressive?

You should give detailed attention to these questions while creating your visual identity. All the above mentioned elements can create different tones. So, I want you to make sure that you have a precise idea about what they are, because you cannot make use of shiny web 2.0 buttons, if your website has a vintage theme, for example.

  • An Appropriate Background

Your background will play a key role in terms of an appropriate identity. Make sure to use it as a general style or any specific background.

  • Define Your Tone

Make sure to explain your tone with as much detail as you possible can, i.e. humorous, corporate or friendly. Your tone will create the personality of your organization, so make sure you make it clear, concise and focused.


Here is what your tone should sound like:

  • In the tone of your brand, write some valuable information about your organization
  • Make sure to keep up this same tone is throughout all the communications, including articles, blogs, website content, social media and even with interactions with customers.

So, now I am pretty sure that you can see just why an actionable identity guideline for design is so important and how you can make one for your own organization. So, whether you are simply defining the identity for a project or building a winning visual Brand Bible, I hope you have a better understanding of the steps to take. Now, it’s time to create your own guidelines for design.

So, what do you think of this blog post? Feel free to make use of the comment box below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and urge you to share your experience and insights.

Arrive In Style – Arrive In A Limo

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We all have that desire to make a good impact on everyone we come across. Don’t we? And when it comes to, parties and social gatherings, we give our best shot to dressing up in a pleasing way. That is what usually each one of us does.

But things aren’t always usual. Many a times, there are occasions, trips or parties which are much special and exclusive.  And also there are times when you have to visit a place for a special meeting or business visit. Won’t you love to be the host who would steal tons of praises? Won’t you love to be the head turner when you go to a party or a different city?


If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, I would advise you to seek assistance of limousine and town car services.

You might be wondering why you would spend extra bucks on some fancy car instead of using your own car. The reason is quite clear – you have to leave an impact!

Limousine & Town Car Services

Limousine and town car services not only provide you with the right flashy car that you’re looking for, for the occasion of your wedding or a larger event, but also, such services help you host an event hassle-free.  Even when you’re travelling, seeking the help of such service agencies would make your trip much convenient and luxurious by way of luxurious town cars. If you are a business person, you might know the pain of travelling to too many newer places. Taking up the limousine and town car services would help you curb such pain and make your business trip handy. You can opt for these services for being driven around comfortably without a stress of finding a taxi or a cab and thus, saving your time as well.

For the lovers of glitzy things, gaudy limousines are offered that steer you around the towns, in parties or events, giving you the feeling of sumptuousness.

Finest Services Right At The Airport

Also, limousine and town car services offer you their finest services right at the airport where your flight lands. Right from there, you can get to your destinations in a limousine, comfortably. You can also use this service to pick your guests up from airports whenever you’re hosting any event and can assure their convenient and timely arrival.

The cars provided by such services can be availed for as long as you’re comfortable. They will stick to you throughout your trip and will ensure your safe transfer to and from the airport, till the end of your trip.


You might end up thinking why would you add to your expenses by hiring such services, but before you make a decision, just consider the assortment of services that such agencies offer you.

These can assure fulfilling your plush requirements, making your trips hassle-free and even ensuring the comfort of your guests.

You can simply call such agencies for booking your limousine or town car, or can book them online. As convenient as it seems and as flashy as it is, the services won’t ever leave you with regrets.  If you’re planning on a visit to Seattle, for a trip, business meeting, party or an exclusive event, just avail the services of Seattle limousine and town car services. You can also type limo Seattle in Google for more information.