What Is the Connection between Information Technology and Economic Growth?

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As most people in the know are aware, information technology (IT) can play a major part in economic growth by providing a flourishing in itself that will increase employment and increase exports. The industry can also assist in widening economic development inside of a nation by creating better efficiency through the industrial sector, which will assist in reducing costs and help to increase the quality of production.

IT and economic growth also connect together when service industries are allowed to deliver their services across a wider geographical area. Government services can be upgraded with the introduction of IT, aiding office duties and leading to superb efficiency in record keeping. Administration in areas such as transport and utilities can also be enhanced with the use of IT support companies in Wimbledon.

Competitive Advantages

Nations that happen to encourage the growth of a competitive IT industry will frequently see a close link between information technology and economic growth. The obstruction to entry into the IT industry is not as great as for other businesses and a relatively small amount of capital expenditure is all that is usually necessary. Any nation which has a pool of skilled and able engineers and computer scientists can have a competitive advantage in IT business.

As an example in recent history, take a look at India, which created a software industry by means of tax incentives and various other stimuli for software developers and exporters, which then built a flourishing industry on the foundation of a workforce that has the applicable IT and language skills.IT and economic growth are connected when IT services stimulate innovation and efficiency around an economy. Greater ease and usage of communication and the introduction of IT systems reducesprices, promotesperformance and develops the quality of all products and services.

Think About the Future

The use of cooperative technology promotes the spread of knowledge inside a company and between companies in an industry, helping to improve communications and collaboration with clients and suppliers. Modern digital processing, storage and the rapid communication of data add to competence in office services like as accounting, payroll, inventory management and other areas. Financial institutions can easily make increasesin efficiency with the use of IT, it will lead to a lot more efficient processing of loans and administration of microfinance operations.

Government services can also be performed more productively with the use of IT in fields such as data collection and record keeping. Electronic storage of all information by a government also helps in transparency by allowing easier access by the general public to government information that is relevant to them. Operations of utilities like electricity, gas and water services can also be upgraded with the use of IT systems. Information technology and economic growth can also be linked through the expansion of the education system with remote learning and the use of IT in schools.

IT is here to stay, make use of it.

1 Invention For All Your Messy Labels!

Messy Labels
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The “rolls” of technology

Even when it seems such a small problem, you could end up having piles of them. The collection and storing of tons of pieces of papers as receipts are causing office workers a headache, even more when there is no other thing to do but arranging all by hand.

Some creative people on inventions came up with an idea you may like. Professionals in the area of technology have designed for everyone such a great idea, in this case for time consuming tasks as messy rolls of receipts that end piled up, to provide help as organizing labels into rolls, even when it seems like a never ending task.

Consuming task no more

Take then a minute to see the functions of a label rewinder machine. It has been introduced in the market as a very helpful tool in the case of having to roll up or unwind inches of paper. Normally, some people do this task by hand but this machine can help on this as you would not have idea.

At first sight, its very low and competitive price is its first great feature, but this automatic label rewinder machine has a lot more to offer. This seems to be what its users need as to efficiently save time in the wind up labels

You will have no more than portable rolls that will finally be printed from a thermal label printer. Here is when you see that a time consuming, costly and boring thing to do turns into a very easy one in a matter of minutes.

We can change our routines with technology inventions, these may save valuable time. The devices used in the industry help us in different tasks, efficiently, faster and with low supervision.

Little details covered

This very innovative machine can rewind labels up to 5 inches in width, and its speed is of 20 inches per second.

Collecting tons of long pieces of paper regardless its use and contexts is costly, and the money that a person who does this and that is now being performed by a machine are also great characteristics that this device is giving us today.

Thermoreal Lets You Feel Heat, Cold, And Pain In Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality takes your eyes and ears into another world.  However, it isn’t quite immersive.  So, by making you feel sensations such as pain, cold, and heat Tegway wishes to take you one step closer in the immersion.

The business launched its ThermoReal technology at the HTC Vive X accelerator occasion last week at San Francisco.  ThermoReal developed a thermoelectric device that translate that feeling as you hold touch controllers in VR and could produce heat and cold upon need.  It is a new sort of human-machine port.

Tegway produced a semiconductor device that heats up on one side when you input power into it.  Once you put electricity into it the other side becomes cold.  This type of technology is already utilized in wine refrigeratorsthat make cold without vibrations because there are no moving parts (that is what you want to preserve the wine better).

The apparatus can become hotter based on the degree of the electric current.  I put on a VR headset and held the ThermoReal controller.  As something flaming touched, I felt heat.  And when something cold touched, I felt the coldness.   It was an electrifying experience.

It may be a while before this can be constructed into a VR device.  But it is an interesting milestone on the road to full immersion.  Applications which use the technology could draw you through over visuals and sound to an experience.

I’ve tried several different thermal haptic devices throughout the course of my VR reporting, but nothing that actually impressed me.  Normally the effects are hard to notice because they do not feel particularly cold or hot, and they take to activate that it’s difficult to market the illusion which the effect has been caused by something happening in the digital universe.

I got to try the ThermoReal thermoelectric skin at the demo day in San Francisco another week and it has led me to become a believer in the value of thermal haptics for the first time.

Tegway has filed several patent applications in the areas of fabricating flexible thermoelectric device technologies, hardware design and software, and software algorithms for thermal realism.

Complementing a Traditional Store with an Online Presence

Traditional Store
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Like it or not, consumer behavior has changed (not changing, changed), and the minimum requirement to successfully operate in the world of retail is an online presence. The more robust your presence, the better. With most of these stores being independent of family run, however, the transition can be difficult.

For a small business owner, the first step is to decide whether you need an individual online store or website. While this can seem counter-productive to the task, the solution is more nuanced. Established auction sites which consumers already know and trust.

By utilizing the familiar framework of established auction sites, small retailers can immediately gain access to a global active marketplace. Additionally, while once focused on building a brand, these sites have now become aware of the power of their platform and can provide purpose-designed software to help any small business make the move to their platform. This assistance also extends to transaction processing, leveraging bulk customers to help keep ongoing costs down.

The trick to this transition, however, is to be aware that you are moving into a different retail world and adjust your marketing techniques. The Groupon Coupons page for Madewell is a perfect example, as the discounts available are connected with their online store. While Madewell host their own website, the same technique applies for stores using the framework of an auction site – online marketing directed towards bringing customers to their online presence.


Where previous promotions were geared towards foot traffic, Madewell adjusted their marketing techniques to bring in click traffic.

Once a small business has made the transition and is either working wholly or partially through a web presence, adjustments need to be considered for the bottom line. For example, customers are well aware of the cost savings of hosting an online store and expect some (not all) of the difference to impact the product price. Whether this is in the form of individual item reductions or inclusions such as free shipping or a relaxed returns policy.

With the above foundations in place, small business owners are in a prime position to rival their local and global competition. However, what many of these business owners struggle to accept is that their online presence is a new world for them, and accordingly, their current management and sales styles may not work. For this reason, many small businesses who successfully make the transition and unable to sustain their business or encourage growth because of misaligned management styles.

While on paper the process can seem straightforward, the nuances of small businesses can make the transition difficult. For those looking to make the move, take this article to mind and be sure to adjust your business style accordingly.

Three Quick Tips To Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills
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Writing is an important part of our professional life. We need to write emails, messages, presentations, reports, etc. on continuous basis irrespective of the verticals we work in. In fact, written communication forms a significant part of our daily work in the office. We are living in the era of virtual offices where team members could be thousands of miles apart. Excellent writing skills are required for team members and clients to work efficiently on projects. In my early days, I used to look for some people who can write a paper for me as I was not very confident of writing professional reports. In the process, I met excellent writers and learnt the business writing skills. Research has proven that individuals with good writing skills do well in their professional career. Irrespective of your native language, you can master business writing skills in a very short period. You can become a brilliant business writer by following three quick tips:

Use Active Voice and Be Direct

Being polite is important in non-verbal communication. Whenever you are writing business related content, you must choose the words carefully. The words should express the situation without hurting anyone. The end objective of your content should be to convince someone about something and not pointing out individuals’ errors. Use active voice wherever possible. Writing in the third person and passive sentences make the content boring. It also takes away the conversational tone of the content. So be direct and write to-the-point to keep your content interesting and fresh.

Use Combination of Short and Long Sentences

Many people have a habit of writing extremely short or long sentences. I have seen many emails from my colleagues that seem to explain everything in one or two sentences. Similarly, some people write in such a way that one slide of a PowerPoint presentation can contain only one sentence. Avoid this common mistake of writing long sentences. Use a combination of short and long sentences. You should start with short sentences and then gradually move to the long sentences. A sentence should not include more than one idea.

Avoid using Adverbs

Usage of modifiers is quite common in colloquial language. However, they make the business content weak and ineffective. At some places, modifiers may be necessary. However, it should be avoided as much as possible. For example, a blog of 500 words should not contain more than one or two adverbs. Thus avoid using terms such as “very important”, “extremely urgent,” “very difficult”, etc. The terms “important, urgent or difficult” convey the same message with better impact.

Concluding Suggestions

Any prolific writer will always have sufficient room to improve their writing skills. Like any other skills, writing also requires constant practice. If you want to become a good writer, then you have to be a voracious reader. The more you read, the better you will write. While reading, start paying attention to the usage of various terms. Whenever you come across a new word, try to include that in your next content, be it an email, a report or a presentation. You need to spend some time initially to learn. In case of urgent writing requirements, don’t rush to start writing. Rather spend some time in preparing the layout to get a clarity of the topic. It will help you during actual writing by streamlining your thought process and save a lot of your time.