Why Making a Checklist before Hiring the Movers is a Great Idea

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Definitely one of the most important office moving tips is to simply make a checklist. Even if your memory is good, you will probably forget something without making one. Moving offices can certainly be a complicated business, so it’s in your best interests to begin with a checklist in which to make your lists.

Lists and Labels

Make one list of things that must be done, such as phoning professional office removalists, to confirm costs and forwarding of any item. On another page, note down all your boxes and their contents. Try labelling every box with a letter or a number and then jot down the contents of every box next to its label and make it all as clear as possible. Just this small step can make unpacking all that easier.

Boxes and More Boxes

When you’re moving office, remember to have plenty of boxes for the job. It’s actually better to ask for more than you think you will need, and then you can always give them back, reuse them or pass them on to somebody else. Professional office removalists in Melbourne will better inform you as to your needs.

Fragile means Fragile

Have lots of packing tape, paper or bubble wrap handy and keep any breakables in one piece. You may find that you will need more tape, paper and wrap than you think necessary, so purchase a little extra.


Most people forget the cleaning end of things when they are moving office. One of the most useful moving tips is to have ready a decent cleaning kit as there’s a chance that you’ll need it to clean the office you are leaving, plus the one you’re moving into. You can use the usual cleaning liquids, sponges, rags, and rubber gloves that you’ve always used in the old office.

Key Storage plus Important Documentation and Drives

The importance of moving tips would not be complete without a mention and about the storage of important keys. Keep all of your keys, the old and the new, on separate key rings. Don’t just put them in envelopes, boxes or pockets, they’re just too easy to lose or misplace. Only take off the keys when you are ready to hand them over to somebody else, or put them in a safe place in the new office.

Documents and Hard Drives

Place all of your important documents and hard drives in a safe, waterproof container, and keep them with you. Ensure all important documents and drives, security cards, leases, insurance, bank records, and phone numbers are kept safely inside. Don’t forget to transport these valuable items in a separate vehicle, because should they somehow happen to go walkabout, it’s going to take a whole load of your time, worry and effort to replace them.

And that’s it, not that difficult is it? Here’s hoping that helps, and may your office move go just as easy as you planned. Good luck!

Workers’ Compensation Certification: The Mark of a Professional

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When you want someone to repair something that is broken you take it someone who is qualified or experienced in doing so?  When you are not feeling well you don’t go to a lawyer but a doctor as the doctor is certified to help you.

Certification brings assurance that you are capable and that you understand something. Having a workers’  compensation certification is just one of many certifications a person can have and having this qualification makes you valuable.  But it is much more than just a piece of paper, if you really think about it and given an indefinite period of time anyone could answer the questions in an exam with a little help from Google.

Certification, such as Workers Compensation Certification demonstrates that an individual has taken something they show some interest in and done something with it. The person shows they are someone who takes what they do seriously and may have often taken the course and passed while working and maybe even working longer hours than most.  There is a quality in the person that companies all over the world are looking for and it is these skills beyond those contained in the certification that matter to an employer or prospective employer.


Any certification, especially a workers compensation certification brings valuable skills to the market place or into a company.  Many certifications require a regular update or refresher course to keep certified professionals up to date with legislation or techniques to keep the certification valid. A certification from 2004 or even 2012 is potentially worthless compared to a 2014 or 2015 certification.  Things change, legislation changes and techniques for handling certain situations are improved.

Companies that have a number of certified professionals such a number of people with workers compensation certification bring a degree of prestige to the company.  Certified staff on the team means a company takes what it does and with registered workers’ compensation specialist designation takes its staff seriously. Certified staff members feel looked after and are often paid better and thus are retained easier than those who are not. Confidence in dealing with a company or a staff member who is certified is increased significantly and this can add to the bottom line.

Certified staff members

Being certified opens up opportunity, for a person looking to move their career in a certain direction certification becomes the rudder. If for example a humble payroll clerk wants to get further ahead in HR becoming workers compensation certified becomes something that can be used to accelerate a career and of course promotion.

Certification brings with it a degree of responsibility and of course a level of respect.  These are traits that define leaders and companies rely on leaders to grow and achieve success. Workers Compensation Certification may seem unexciting but it brings value to the person and company, and that single certificate and one small nugget of knowledge gained may be the one thing that keeps a company profitable or not.  It is in these small things that the real, hidden value of professional certification is released and some company know it and others don’t.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa Matt Newnham is a writer who has a cup that is always a little more than half full. Matt is passionate about life and success and his writing has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” as he manages to find the true heart and human feeling of almost any subject.  Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA  , on Facebook and on his website www.mattnewnham.co.za

Grads1st.com Explains How To Get Top College Loan Debt Help

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Tell us about your background that lead up to Grads1st.com: My name is Matthew Ballaband and before I became CEO of Grads1st.com I was a college graduate myself- UCLA that is. I have lived and experienced life as a student burdened with student debt. There was really no one I could turn to for help and thought to myself how many other people are in the same situation as me?

How did you come up with this company and why? I heard about the new government student loan relief programs that were released and I processed my own consolidation and learned how I can save money every month. I figured that since I did not know about these programs- that have been out for over 4 years already- there must be others in the same situation. Hence why I created Grads1st- to do the doc prep and submission and help other people with student debt save money!

Is student debt a big problem in the U.S.? Student Debt is a HUGE problem in the US. 1 in 4 Americans have it. There is over 1.3 trillion dollars in outstanding student debt. This is more than credit card debt and second to only home mortgage debt in the entire U.S.

How does it work to lower student loan payments? You must apply for the programs through the Department of Education, see what programs you qualify for, prepare and submit the correct application(s) and submit the correct supplemental information. Once your loans are consolidated, you will then be placed into your qualified repayment plan. The programs are based off family size and income.

How do you help with getting out of default? If the applicant is in default and wages are being garnished, we immediately contact the collection agency and put a stop to the wage garnishment. We then workout an affordable rehabilitation plan to get the applicant back to a current status and then place them on a new repayment plan that they can afford. This not only stops wages from being garnished, but also helps restore/rebuild their credit score.

How do you prevent wage garnishment? We work out a rehabilitation plan directly with the collection agency and help get the applicants loans back into a current status. The rehabilitation program will stop the wage garnishments and negative impact on their credit score.

How do you consolidate people’s student loans? We help prepare and submit the consolidation application for the applicant. We make sure that they are enrolled into the best program that saves them the most money and also make sure that the necessary supplemental information is also included. Our job is not done until client receives a new repayment plan and is approved!

How do you offer choices for the repayment plan and how does it work? There are multiple repayment plans available. Depending on the applicant’s financial situation, loan status, loan type and family size, we find the best program available for each unique client’s circumstances.

How do you help with forgiveness on loans? We assess each applicant’s eligibility for one of the many forgiveness programs available. These forgiveness programs include but are not limited to: Teacher Loan Forgiveness, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and Total Permanent Disability Loan Forgiveness.

Explain the Pay As You Earn option: Payments are capped at 10 percent of your discretionary income with a maximum term of 240 months. Any Remaining Balance at the end of your term will be forgiven

Explain the Standard Plan option: You’ll pay a fixed monthly payment until your loans are paid in full within 10 years.

Explain the Income Based Repayment option: Payments are capped at 15 percent of your discretionary income with a maximum term of 300 months. Any Remaining Balance at the end of your term will be forgiven.

Explain the Graduate Plan: Payments start low and increase every 2 years. Intended for borrowers who expect their income to steadily grow over time.

Explain the Contingent Repayment option: Payments are capped at 20 percent of your discretionary income with a maximum term of 300 months. Any Remaining Balance at the end of your term will be forgiven.

Explain The Extended Plan option: Similar to the graduated repayment plan, however the term is extended to 300 months.

What’s the hardest part where people do not understand how to get out from under their student loan debt? Student Loan Debt is one of those things where people feel like it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It is one of the only debts that do not even get wiped out through a bankruptcy. The reality of the situation is that the student loan servicers do NOT inform the public about the government-backed programs that are available. Therefore there is no awareness about how people with student loans can get help or about the programs available to them!

How long does it to evaluate a new prospective client to join Grads1st.com? You can find out in as quickly as 15 minutes what program(s) you qualify for.

How long does it take to have someone join Grads1st.com? Once you sign up with us here at Grads 1st, it takes roughly 30-60 days to process your consolidation and repayment application! Our turnaround time is over 30% quicker than the national average.

For more information: www.Grads1st.com