7 Huge Sales Mistakes You Must Never Make

Sales Mistakes
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It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, you’re bound to make some mistakes at some point. Mistakes, in general, can be viewed as learning experiences. As long as they’re not too costly, you can get back up, deal with them the right way, and move forward. Forbes explains that the first step in dealing with business mistakes is to “own up” and not try to hide from them.

Some of the worst mistakes concern sales. Not only are the sales themselves compromised, but the entire business.

Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making if you are serious about selling:


It will be really bad for your brand if you have a reputation of a pushy salesperson. Even if you have the greatest product in the world, you won’t be able to sell it if all you do is brag about it. Give the customers a chance to talk as well. Listen to what they have to say. Otherwise, you won’t know exactly what it is they want and won’t be able to give them a solution to their problem. Sales involves knowing what questions to ask and listening to the answer, not simply talking.


Wasting too much time with the wrong contact

This is why demographic research is essential. Not just anybody will be interested in your product. If you just invested in high-end, commercial digital printing press machines from JJBender.com, why would you try to resell it to an ordinary consumer who just needs a personal inkjet printer? Instead, you should focus on businesses that require digital printing press solutions. When trying to deliver a sales pitch to the wrong consumer, not only will you not make the sale, you will miss out on the chance to make money by marketing toward the right consumer.

Attempting the “wow!” factor too much

You don’t need to use theater to sell a product. In fact, it’s for the best that you don’t. In the vast majority of cases, people want to buy something that will actually need rather than buying something simply for the pleasure of it. It’s your job to explain how your product will solve their current needs. If you feel that a Xerox printer you just bought in from JJ Bender will be an answer to a small business’s commercial printing needs, let them know. Explain how and why.

Using the wrong words

Be very careful with your wording when trying to make a sale. You don’t want to create a negative picture in the  minds of the people to whom you are delivering a sales pitch. For example, avoid using “contract”, as it makes it sound as though the sale is final. Instead, opt for a word like “agreement”. Entrepreneur.com has a list of other words you should avoid saying.

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Not recognizing the appropriate time to close the sale

If you don’t know when to close the sale and keep going on and on and on, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll lose the sale, even if the customer was originally planning to go through with it. Signs that a customer is interested include questions such as “Is it in stock right now?” or “Is there a delivery charge?” as well as a statement such as “That really would look good in our office”.


A dishonest person shouldn’t be in sales to begin with. However, there is a possibility that you could come off as insincere without even realizing it. Always be very careful with what you say and your attitude when you say it.

Keep these factors in mind whenever you want to sell anything. Strive to be sincere and a good listener.

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